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Many Bound Leather Books atop a rich mahogany table form a textured background behind a posed and eager gavel.

National Association of Immigration Judges

The National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) is a voluntary organization of United States Immigration Judges.

It also is the recognized representative of Immigration Judges for collective bargaining purposes.

Our mission is to promote independence and enhance the professionalism, dignity, and efficiency of the Immigration Courts, which are the trial-level tribunals where removal proceedings initiated by the Department of Homeland Security are conducted.

We work to improve our court system through educating the public, legal community and media, testimony at congressional oversight hearings, and advocating and lobbying for immigration court reform.

We also seek to improve the court system and protect the interests of our members, collectively and individually, through dynamic liaison activities with management, formal and informal grievances, and collective bargaining.

In addition, we represent Immigration Judges in disciplinary proceedings, seeking to protect Judges against unwarranted discipline and to assure that when discipline must be imposed it is imposed in a manner that is fair and serves the public interest.