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Benefits of Affiliation with the IFPTE

Affiliation with the IFPTE has been invaluable for us.

FEDSMILL sings the praises of IFPTE

Affiliation with the IFPTE has been invaluable for us. For years we suffered from the traditional field office/headquarters disconnect, being virtually disenfranchised within our own agency. Now we have the weight of federal labor law in our corner, and the guidance and expertise of a well-respected professional union to guard our backs. From improved work schedules to protections in the disciplinary realm, our relationship with IFPTE has dramatically improved the professional lives of our corps. We are proud and fortunate to be IFPTE Judicial Council #2.

Amiena Khan
National Association of Immigration Judges

Prior to unionizing with IFPTE, the Administrative Law Judges at the Social Security Administration had no voice in management’s decisions about our working conditions, employment benefits and policymaking. Twelve years later, since our formation as the Association of Administrative Law Judges, Judicial Council 1, IFPTE, more than 85 percent of our Judges are members – a testament to the successes we have had at the bargaining table and with our governmental leaders. Our collective bargaining agreement has provided our Judges with excellent benefits, workplace protections and a weapon to fight management’s encroachments into our qualified judicial independence. IFPTE is our partner in enabling our Judges to protect due process for the American people.

Hon. Randy Frye
President Association of Administrative Law Judges