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  • Video | C-Span - Immigration Courts
    Posted Aug 27, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks and Executive Vice President Denise Noonan Slavin speak at the National Press Club.


  • Tabaddor Lawsuit Press Release
    Posted Aug 12, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    National Association of Immigration Judges Strongly Supports Suit Challenging a
    Department of Justice Order that Judge Recuse Herself from All Cases Involving
    People Who Share Her Iranian Ethnicity

    This is a 97KB pdf

  • Tabaddor v Holder Complaint
    Posted Aug 12, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    Attorneys for Plaintiff Immigration Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor

    This is a 116KB pdf

  • Video | PBS News Hour - Immigration Judges Push for More Resources
    Posted Jul 10, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    PBS NewsHour looks at the crisis in the Immigration Courts


  • Audio | NPR - When Child Migrants Cross the Border, What Next Awaits Them?
    Posted Jul 3, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    This is a 51KB pdf

  • The Takeaway - Interview with NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks
    Posted Mar 10, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    This is a 52KB pdf

  • The Hill - Time To Fix Our Immigration Courts
    Posted Feb 26, 2014 | NAIJ Speaks

    Fabulous opinion piece by former NAIJ President, now retired, Judge John Gossart, February 26, 2014

    This is a 110KB pdf

  • The Hill - Let Immigration Judges Be Judges
    Posted May 9, 2013 | NAIJ Speaks

    NAIJ President speaks out for judicial independence

    This is a 65KB pdf