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Greetings From Our President

Welcome to the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ)

NAIJ is the recognized representative for collective bargaining for the approximately 500 United States Immigration Judges serving in close to 70 courts nationwide. Our goal is to promote the independence of our courts and to enhance the professionalism, dignity and efficiency of the Immigration Court system. Our membership is comprised of both active and retired Immigration Judges. We urge all our colleagues to join us in our efforts to promote our common goal.

NAIJ is firmly committed to educating the community about who we are, the work that we do and, how we can safeguard judicial independence while efficiently and fairly meeting the increasing challenges we encounter. Because of this crucial aspect of our mission, our officers appear regularly at conferences and events, speak to the public and the press, and Congress. We welcome questions from all who are interested in our work.

For those of you who are guests to our site, you should know that our courts are part of the United States Department of Justice. We preside over the trial-level tribunals which determine whether or not an individual is a citizen of the United States, whether or not that person is here in violation of our immigration laws, and if so, whether or not he or she qualifies for a status under our laws which would allow him or her to remain in this country legally. Please feel free to browse the site for publications and links to news articles to learn more about us.

For colleagues who are new to the Immigration Court, we extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to doing what we can to make your transition to the bench a positive experience. Please feel free to reach out to any of the officers personally to discuss any questions you may have. I hope to meet you in person soon.

Very truly yours,

Mimi Tsankov
President, National Association of Immigration Judges
New York, NY